The International Consortium for Zoomorphology Standards (herein called "ICZS") is a not-for-profit, scientific and educational association formed to establish international collaboration among the creators, managers and users of morphological information about Metazoa (i.e. multicellular animals).


  1. 1

    develops, adopts and promotes standards and guidelines for the recording and exchange of morphological data about multicellular animals;

  2. 2

    promotes the use of its standards through the most appropriate and effective means;

  3. 3

    acts as a forum for the discussion of zoomorphology standards related topics by organizing symposia in meetings and through the ICZS web site that provides a collaborative infrastructure that effectively supports standards development;

  4. 4

    undertakes any other activities that are judged useful to the organization.

Central to the general organization of ICZS is the clear distinction between data, metadata and 'raw data' and the recognition of four fundamental aspects required by any modern data standard, i.e. content, nomenclatural, concept and format standards. This basic conceptual framework is reflected in many ways in the overall organization of ICZS.

Flowchart: Modern Standards

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